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Debbie Brown Des Roches, Director of Trade Show, Wraps up 2012 SIA Snow Show


By: Debbie Brown Des Roches
March 12, 2012

I really can’t believe that the 2012 SIA Snow Show and On-Snow Demo is history and we are already making plans for our 2013 Show.

Believe it or not we have our first “deadline” coming up for the 2013 show—March 15 for all of last year’s exhibitor to turn in their space requests.  It seems early, but we really need this information to begin planning the trade Show floor to see who needs to grow their space, who needs to reduce their space, and the ones we really don’t like to see are the space requests indicating that a company is not coming back—usually not too many of those, thank goodness.  But these initial forms are what allow us to begin the “jigsaw” puzzle of the trade show floor.  And hopefully, with enough notice, we are able to meet the needs of most of the exhibitors—note the word, most!  Would love to be able to say we can do accomplish 100% of the requests—but usually, there will be a handful that we just can’t do exactly what is requested.

In addition, to our first deadline—we are using this time to review our trade Show survey results—to see what the exhibitors and attendees would like to see improved for the Show next year.  We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to fill out the survey—believe me, we do pay attention to what is said!  If it is something that we can do to make a change, we put it on our list!  Some things, unfortunately, are out of our control (like the weather!)  Here are some of the EASY things to change for next year:

  • Repeat the seminars at different times, before or after the Show
  • Better booth numbering system
  • Better navigation signage
  • More seating for eating

Of course, there are many, many more suggestions and we will be reviewing them all and making the changes that are in our control.  And if you ever have any ideas of things that would make your time at the show better, or even time before or after the Show, please let us know any time during the year.  We realize that the Show is a significant investment for all and want to do everything that we can to make it as productive and efficient as possible.

We really do like hearing from everyone, whether it is by phone call, email, facebook or twitter—please let us know anytime you have a suggestion on something SIA can do to make your show more productive!