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Display Your Drawers in These Drawers!


By: Ali Levy
August 19, 2013

Ali LevyTips By Merchandising Guru Ali Levy,

I was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire over the weekend and what a hub of activity and great shopping.  I am always prepared – with Smartphone in hand – to snap inventive window and store displays.

This idea comes from a cool card and paper shop, Letterpress, in the heart of downtown Portsmouth.  This is a great use of an everyday household item – repurposed.  A simple bedroom dresser used to display cards, calendars, pens and sticky note cubes.  To put a spin on this, you could sand and repaint it a bright color and since most outdoor stores sell long underwear and sports bras – why not use this dresser to display those items.  Its fun and unexpected and that is how retail needs to be these days.

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