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Eastern Update


December 19, 2011

By: Ed Wray
SIA Eastern Sales and Marketing Manager

It’s a month later and 5 days on the hill.  Skiing or riding the white ribbon of death.  AAAH early season in New England, sliding down limited icy, rocky terrain with 10,000 of your closest friends.  But you know what I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Last week I spent a day with guys from Rome at their sales meeting.  As always it was a fun time. Their product looks really good. The BBQ was first class.

After realizing I don’t have enough black in my closet I’ve taken things to the extreme, I traded in my old Mini for a new Black on Black one.  Oh so happy.

Stratton, VT

So far sales in the Northeast have been strong.  The first retail audit data was released on December 5th.  Skis up 18%, Alpine boots up 23%, Snowboards up 21%, Snowboard bindings up 24%, Gloves up a whopping 46%, Helmets continue to surge up 19%.  On the apparel side snowboard apparel is up 33% and ski apparel up 35%.  Also Inventories are down significantly and margins are holding strong.  We’re off to a very good start.

To everyone Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you and your families.  See you on the slopes soon.