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EOTC Preview: Team Icelantic

The girls of Icelantic prepare to go south.
By Jenn Sheridan
Skiing Magazine

Skiing caught up with Annelise Loevlie, Scotty Vermerris, Kaylin Richardson, Rebecca Selig and Alex Taran to talk about the first all girls team to enter the Eye of the Condor competition in La Parva, Chile—Team Icelantic.

What was the inspiration for the Icelantic team?

Annelise: I think it was a chairlift ride in Alta. I was talking to Julian Carr about it. He mentioned it to me last year in the middle of the winter like, “You should put together an all ladies team.” I thought, “Great idea.”

Scotty: It was interesting because one of the girls on the team had the same idea. She wanted an all girls team to go to EOTC and wanted Icelantic to sponsor it so it’s almost like they were thinking the same thing and it came together perfectly.

Skier: Annelise Loevlie Photo: courtesy of Annelise Loevlie

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