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Happy Earth Day!


By: SIA’s Communications & PR Manager, Elizabeth Hurst
April 22, 2013

As sad as I am to put my skis in storage at the season’s end, I feel refreshed by spring. Sprigs of green appearing practically out of thin air make me appreciate how resilient our planet is and how dependent we are on it for life. Anything we can do to protect the environment is a step in the right direction no matter how big or small.

I learned a lot about effective green initiatives over the past month preparing for Earth Day and the green issue of the SIA newsletter. I was particularly impressed by the Colorado Convention Center, home of the SIA Snow Show. Did you know that the CCC is the first EVER environmentally sustainable meetings facility? On top of that, the CCC’s solar panels offset 280 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year and the venue recycles 250 tons of meetings materials.

I also didn’t realize that Centerplate, the CCC catering service, has a more than 5,000 square foot Blue Bear garden supplying thousands of pounds of produce annually. Honey from the beehive and produce from 150 plant varieties infuses a lot of locally sourced dishes into menus around the CCC. SIA’s winter crowd misses out on much of the Blue Bear’s bounty, but attendees can cash in on the Colorado Green Chili, pickled peppers, salsas and pesto made from the garden’s summer abundance of basil.

Use this Earth Day to celebrate every major and minor environmental victory that impacts our lives- we’re surrounded by them. Keeping the green spirit of Earth Day all year will safeguard the environment we love and our keep our winters white.