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Hulk – Not Bulk!


By: Ali Levy
March 11, 2013

Ali LevyTips By Merchandising Guru Ali Levy,

A few weeks ago I was skiing at Jay Peak in northern Vermont.  I stopped to take a peek at their new store, simply called the Mountain Shop.  It’s a great space with lots of rack appeal – especially this glove fixture.  I know that gloves are the Achilles heel of many retailers – they take up too much space yet are a high margin item that needs to be accessible to customers and constantly restocked.

I emailed Jennifer WirthRetail Manager at Jay Peak Resort.  She said that she had them custom made to her specifications – and best part is, this converts to a t-shirt display in the summer months.  I loved it because of its practicality and ability to hold a ton of product yet is modular enough to display multiple items…and it’s on casters!

Contact Afford Display Products for more information.  Their website is: and they are located in Florida.

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