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Mannequin Madness!


By: Ali Levy
April 6, 2013

Tips By Merchandising Guru Ali Levy,

A few weeks ago I was watching the PBS News hour where economics correspondent Paul Solman (my favorite!) was reporting on baby boomers who were taking their careers into their own hands by starting their own businesses. This might be considered a risky move by some this late into their working years.

The focus of the story was an online success story; Mannequin Madness. Started by Judi-Henderson Townsend, Mannequin Madness aims to recycle, repair, rent and of course sell mannequins of all shapes and sizes. Given the fact that I am a huge advocate of every store having at least a few mannequins on hand, Mannequin Madness is a feel good business that you can be proud to support. Townsend keeps it green and affordable. Why not check out their website today and add some mannequin madness to your very own retail floor.

Click here to view the PBS News hour story, originally aired on April 17, 2013.

Find Mannequin Madness here.

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