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Merchandising Monday: Day at the Museum!


By: Ali Levy
February 24, 2014

Ali LevyTips By Merchandising Guru Ali Levy,

Museums are a great source for merchandising inspiration.  I mean – what is a museum but displays on steroids!

On a recent trip to the Museum of Natural History in NYC – I was reinvigorated by displays I hadn’t seen since I was a kid – and had a new appreciation for the details that made each presentation authentic.

If you live near a great museum – pay a visit but with a merchandiser’s hat on – pay attention to effective and dramatic lighting, detail, how items are posed and how props can make a display really come to life.  Best part – your museum entrance fee can be tax deductible.

Looking at this lion scene, I was struck by the authenticity of the grasses and leaves in relation to the natural habitat of the animal.

The Plains Indian wing of the museum featured incredible beaded artifacts.  How can you translate this idea to a storefront window?  You would need foam core board, straight pins and some type of lettering to mimic a museum like display.  Maybe you have some items in your store you want to highlight in this unique, curated way.

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