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Tips from merchandising guru, Ali Levy, #SIAmerch

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is when Kramer pitches a coffee table book idea to a room full of publishing executives. The kicker of course is that the book has legs so it unfolds to become a coffee table itself.  

The table – what an invention – two legs and a flat object to create an even and supported surface

How could we possibly live without them? Using tables in a retail space can simultaneously direct traffic, attract new customers, convey a compelling product story and help set the tone for an enjoyable shopping experience with precise placement.

Tables offer additional display options for sweaters, pants and tops.  Tables make a space seem homey.  Tables can tell a simple or complex product story. Tables can bridge the gap between a wall display and a floor fixture.  Tables can be moved and placed in multiple locations, including your display windows.  Below are pictures of all sorts of tables; new, stacked and salvaged, plus some additional table ideas and where to find them.   Let this be your inspiration to bring some tables into your retail environment.

This holiday table packs a punch with vintage hiking boots, vendor signage, a body form, small pine trees and sparkly decorations.  Accessories include colorful belts and coordinating hats. 

I like this table for its neutral color and infinite display options.  It doesn’t take up much floor space so can be placed without being obtrusive.

You can stack a table on top of another table to construct additional display options

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