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By: Scott Zergebel of HOLDEN
March 28, 2012

Scott ZergebelSIA: How have designs progressed from the first time you and Mikey Leblanc first started Holden to the most recent 2012 collection?
SZ: The HOLDEN design aesthetic has remained true to our idea from day one. I would say we have been on a path of refinement rather than reinvention…

SIA: Where do you go on “inspiration trips” or has the Northwest provided ample amount of ideas and inspiration?
SZ: Inspiration comes in all forms and at totally random moments. We all love to travel the world from exotic beach surf destinations to remote mountain villages and everywhere in between. However, the truth is that my inspiration comes from trying to live my life to the fullest while being as open as possible to everything and surrounding myself with incredible people who challenge me to grow as a human. This is truly where inspiration lies.

SIA: How would you explain the Holden aesthetic?
SZ: Timeless designs made to fit and move. It’s more about restraint and focusing on what’s important not gratuitous.

SIA: Describe the type of person you design for.
SZ: We really don’t design for a specific person. I think ultimately our customer lives a passionate life and enjoys time spent in the outdoors. We try and provide them with the gear they need to do this all while looking good and having a unique style.

SIA: Can you describe this “style” or what makes it unique?
SZ: I think what makes HOLDEN truly unique is that we do what we feel not just what’s current or what’s in the market. We design and develop many of our own technical materials and are constantly refining our fits for movement and style.

SIA: What excites you when you begin designing a new collection?
SZ: The same things that excite me about new chapters of life. The endless possibilities I guess. The ability to start from scratch and create something beautiful with purpose.

SIA: What inspired and influenced you while you were designing the 2012 sportswear collection?
SZ: Reducing my exposure to technology and the instant gratification of social media, etc. and getting back to the outdoors and what’s simple, obvious and important to me. In the end, we wound up with a collection based on a life well led that spans from the mountains to the ocean.

SIA: Tell me about your 2012 Sportswear collection?
SZ: For 2012, we built a more whole collection. One that works in all aspects of cold weather climates, not just alpine pursuits.

SIA: What are your favorite pieces from the Sportwear collection?
SZ: I’m proud of the whole collection and in what our team was able to achieve. Many thanks to Nikki for all of her efforts in making this happen! Some exciting new developments for us are the water-repellant jeans, chinos and street jackets. These are unique in the market because they have a vintage look through garment washing and hand work but also have a water repellant finish.

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