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Now’s The Time to Become an LSS(M)/BAF Partner: Join the Industry-Wide Initiative to Help Grow our Sport


September 16, 2014

lssmSince its inception, the Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend initiative has motivated more than 500,000 children and adults to take beginner ski and snowboard lessons, and last year alone the program’s collective PR efforts generated nearly 320 million media impressions for learning how to ski or ride.

Now it’s time to pull together and make 2015 the biggest year yet. By investing in this industry-wide initiative, we have the opportunity to see the changes needed to increase skier and rider participation and snow sports sales. This year, the goal is for 100 SIA members to invest a minimum of $500 each.

“The Bring A Friend/LSS(M)  programs provide an avenue for retailers and resorts to bring more first-time skiers and riders to our life-changing sports,” said Jon Rucker, vice president of Head Wintersports. “With industry-wide financial support of, and time commitment to, the Bring A Friend/LSS(M)  programs, we will all be directly contributing to a stronger future of our beloved sports. We’re hoping many SIA members will consider joining those of us who already give to this fantastic program.”

“LSS(M) and BAF are hugely important in bringing the industry that we love to the general consumer market, helping to stabilize and grow the industry,” agreed Cami Garrison, WWSRA Association Director. “LSS(M) and BAF help the ski and snowboard industries come together with a united message that anyone regardless of location can get up to a resort, learn a new sport, find a new passion and pass it on. Industry-wide initiatives like LSS(M)  and BAF are one of our industries best resources to show the world that skiing and snowboarding are for everyone.”

lssm2The programs have many exciting new changes for 2015, including a new website and new campaigns to get people involved. “We have many new approaches to enticing children and adults to try skiing and snowboarding this season,” said Raelene Davis LSS(M)/BAF chair, and vice president of marketing and operations for Ski Utah. “Our First Day Faces campaign is one of them as is our newly re-vamped website I hope everyone in the industry can find a few moments to take a look.”

In addition, a new partner’s toolkit has been developed to help partners in each area of the industry – including retailers, suppliers, and resorts – to take advantage of every opportunity LSS(M)/BAF partnership has to offer. There are many ideas and campaigns in the toolkit that partners can use to help promote the programs while at the same time promoting their brand or shop

The LSSM industry-wide collaboration and our investment are critical to the success of growing our sport. To help support this effort and continue its success, we ask all SIA Member Suppliers to please consider a modest investment of $500 to LSS(M)/BAF. In addition, if you would also like to donate product to the BAF program, you will get your own landing page to promote your brand to current participants and newcomers.

lssm3To become a Retail Partner, a modest donation of $50* is required. In return of your investment, all partners get full use of the LSS(M) and BAF materials as well as a host of information about how to team up with resorts that offer LSS(M)  packages, marketing tips to leverage the influx of LSS(M)  newcomers that will enter your shop or visit your website, and other helpful ways to join this industry-wide effort to grow snow sports participation. More tips are available at in the Retailer to Consumer Marketing Guide’s LSS(M) Addendum. Check it out today to see what the possibilities are for you.

“Retail partners are also a very important part of the puzzle that comes together to support this effort,” added Mary Jo Tarallo, director of Learn to Ski and Snowboard (Month)/Bring a Friend. “We know that retailers are the front door of the industry, and so it’s very important to us to get them involved in this effort. That’s one of the main reasons we developed the toolkit, so that retailers and all areas of the industry could see the potential they have to help this effort. Everyone has a role to play and we all need to come together if we’re going to keep our industry strong.”

We’re all in this together, so please make this important investment and become a LSS(M) partner today! For more information and to become a LSS(M) investor, please contact Mary Jo Tarallo at or 202-431-6950.

*If you are a current member of NSSRA, NBS, SSL, SMC, or Sports Inc, your investment as part of these organizations has been covered.