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Olympians and Stars like Robert Redford the Best Hope for Arctic

Wed, 25 Jul 2012 21:15:02 -0400 EDT 
eNewsChannels COLUMN: The magnificent pristine fragile Arctic is now in a battle for its LIFE, which will affect all life on Earth, especially the youth. On one side of the Arctic Ring are the super rich oil companies whose track record has proved “beyond a doubt” that their only concern is profits and they are now in manic oil rush fever mode. On the other side, is the way of life of four million Inupiat or Eskimo Peoples who have lived in harmony with Nature for eons, backed by heroic environmentalists, a million earth citizens, and 100 stars. It was launched by Robert Redford, owner of Sundance Ski Area, and Green Peace at the UN’s June’s RIO+20 Earth Summit since it is critical to a Sustainable World we all want.
wind turbine in Selawik - credit Reese Hanneman
Photo Caption: U.S. Olympic Nordic star Lars Flora teaching some of the 650 Arctic youth the joy of cross-country skiing near a wind turbine in Selawik, north of the Arctic Circle.
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