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On-Snow Demo Q & A With WWSRA


October 28, 2013

New Location at Copper Mountain Offers Perfect Venue to Keep the Show’s Energy Flowing

The On-Snow Demo is held each year in cooperation with the Western Winter Sports Representatives (WWSRA), and the new location at Copper Mountain is generating a lot of excitement for the 2014 Show. We caught up with WWSRA’s President Morgan Turner and Association Director Cami Garrisonto talk about the benefits of the new location at Copper.

SIA: How do you think having the Demo at Copper Mountain will benefit the manufacturers as well as buyers and reps?
CG and MT: Copper is one of the best-known Front Range resorts in Colorado. Its proximity to I-70 and to Summit County makes it an ideal location and opens the Demo up to a much larger turnout. The move to Copper is truly an open invitation to all retailers, especially those close by in CO, to get more of their employees out of the shop for a day or two, and on snow to test out the newest gear and innovations from the industry. While buyers are obviously the key in getting a variety of products into a storefront, you can’t overlook the importance of shop employees and the impact they have on sell through. They are the front line to the customer. They dictate many of the products that walk out the door and Copper will most certainly bring a large number of shop employees to Demo over the next few years.

SIA: What are some of the benefits of the new location?
CG and MT: Having the Copper Conference Center as a central hub for the Demo is going to be great! To have a boot room all in one beautiful setting along with registration and food in same zone is a huge improvement. There are so many great restaurants along with spots to get a drink and catch up with friends all around the Copper base area and just a few steps from your condo. This will really create a greater sense of community around the Demo. Again, Copper’s proximity to Denver and I-70 makes getting there from Denver and the Show quick and easy. And finally, it’s going to be great to have the Nordic Demo so close to the rest of the Demo. Hopefully we’ll see more of the Nordic crew out with the rest of the Demo attendees this season.

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