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Part 2: XC Olympians, Redford, McCartney Race to Save Arctic and Snowsports


By: Suzy Chaffee
August 22, 2012

Orcas of the Americas applauding humans for fighting for their right to survive and thrive in their Arctic summer home / photo credit: © Quackersna… | Dreamstime.

Some remarkable breakthroughs just happened to protect the Arctic Circle, its wildlife, and earth-honoring way of life of tens of millions of Arctic Aboriginals of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia who have subsisted by fishing and hunting for eons. Considering that in August only a few thousand signatures caused the U.S. to shut down nuclear plants, like Germany and Japan, when they come up for review, a million Earth Citizens in June, led by Sundance owner Robert Redford, Paul McCartney and Green Peace, called for making the Arctic a Global Sanctuary at RIO+20’s Earth Summit.

Plus this spring US Nordic Olympians, a Native American Olympic Hopeful, and Inupiat/Eskimo leaders of the NANA region, teamed with U.S. snowsports manufacturers and gave youth in four villages the wholesome jubilant opportunity to cross country ski, and now 11 more villages in 2013!

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