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Photos & Wrap Up From 2014 Snowboarding Industry Conference


By: TransWorld Business
April 11, 2014

Michael Jager, Mark Hedstrom Kick Off Final Day Of 2014 Snowboarding Industry Conference In Mammoth

Michael Jager Snow Conference

Michael Jager led an interesting discussion titled “Love, Desire & Culture Creating” to kick off the third day at this year’s Snowboarding Industry Conference in Mammoth.

Take a look at what went down during the first night and full day at this year’s Snowboarding Industry Conference.

Jager, who founded the firm JDK Design and helped shape early marketing for Burton Snowboards, started off by stating that snowboarding is a culture, not an industry—something he feels everyone within the sport needs to get more in touch with. He compared snowboarding culture to relationships, citing author and TED Talk speaker Esther Perel’s “Mating in Captivity.”

“We have to all do whatever we can to make sure the culture stays curious and hungry,” said Jager, who went on to explain that the key behind continually sparking this curiosity within snowboarding and our consumer is the element of desire. “We’ve achieved love, but love is stagnant unless it has an element of desire. That’s what snowboarding had at the beginning—everyone was fixated on what would happen next. That’s the curiosity that needs to be recaptured,” Jager pointed out.

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