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SIA’s @edawray Remembers Tom Sims


By: Ed Wray, @edawray
SIA Eastern US & Canada Sales and Marketing Manager
September 20, 2012

Today, September 12th, 2012, was a day filled with great sadness and happiness.  The passing of Tom Sims is so sad; we’ve lost a true legend.  Tom gave me a chance to be one of his sales reps.  I knew a little about snowboarding  at the time and was a terrible rider.  But he taught me a lot about board construction and design. I soaked up every bit of it.  It helped make me a better sales rep.

Selling Sims boards in Burton territory definitely made my job tougher and the Burton guys certainly weren’t going to make it easier; after all “Sims were western boards” as one rep put it to me.  But I really think deep down that Tom helped Jake and Jake helped Tom.  They both pushed each other to further our sport.  We all know about the “rivalry” between the brands and the signing of Craig Kelly, but take that away and you have two guys that truly loved what they were doing.

Today I reconnected with other Sims reps from back in the day.  We were all consoling each other over texts, Facebook and emails.  It was so nice to hear from these guys again.  I was telling my son Tucker some of the great times we had together with Tom.  The sales meeting trips to Whistler, Panorama, Heli-boarding, Breckenridge all great memories.  But one story stood out how Tom literally took a $20,000 Rolex off Jamie Salter’s wrist to pay off a debt, priceless.

Tom you will be greatly missed and left us way too soon.  My thoughts and prayers go out to your family.