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Rossignol Group’s Binding Factory’s Environmental Effort Receives Official Recognition


February 10, 2012
By: Rossignol Group


The Rossignol Group’s binding manufacturing plant in Nevers, France received ISO standard 14001 certification for adhering to the highest levels of environmentally-sensitive manufacturing standards.

ISO standard 14001 is a management tool that helps manufacturers achieve environmental sustainability within their manufacturing systems and outlines the implementation of an ongoing Environmental Management System (EMS).

Through its efforts to achieve the highest level of environmentally-friendly binding manufacturing, the Nevers plant first created an analysis of its manufacturing and bi-product output. The next step was the implementation of the mandated “Environmental Management System” which adheres to certain standards based on each individual industry.

Specifics include improvement of waste-sorting to recycle 100% of raw materials; improved storage of hazardous materials; staff-wide environmental education programs; and training for accidental environmentally-hazardous events.

ISO 14001 is a globally-recognized, voluntary standard that allows all organizations to most efficiently minimize their effect on the environment.

Companies voluntarily apply for this certification and are then rigorously audited by an accredited independent international organization.

The Rossignol Group’s binding factory was awarded with this certification in January, 2012.

“This ISO certification represents the highest level of environmentally responsible manufacturing within our industry,” said Group CEO, Bruno Cercley. “We continue to do everything we can to enhance our sport and the environment that allows us to fulfill our winter passions.”

The Rossignol Group’s manufacturing facilities in Nevers, France annually produce more than 800,000 pairs of bindings.