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SAM’s 7th Annual Terrain Park Contest


By: SAM Magazine
January 5, 2012


FEATURE CATEGORY WINNER: Mammoth’s Artistic Flare. Mammoth Mountain, Calif., collaborated with the “I Am Snowboarding” traveling art exhibit and crafted this down flat down rail. The skirting was painted by one of the artists on tour, as were a variety of other “I Am Snowboarding” features in Mammoth’s park.
EVENT CATEGORY WINNER: Chestnut Mountain’s Big Nut Open: A Super Park Slopestyle comp that is more than a half-mile long and features some of the biggest rails and jumps ever seen in a Midwest competition. The event is both an open and non-open comp for skiers and riders.
>> Big Nut Open Teaser Video

This year we had 34 great Feature and Event entries from around the world—Votes came pouring in for the top feature and event picks. Mammoth and Chestnut will receive a generous goodie bag from SAM, and bragging rights for a year. Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s contest. Don’t forget to take pictures of your features this season so you can enter next year!

2011 Terrain Park FEATURES


Crotched Mountain, N.H., gutted an old camping trailer and set it up on the hill for the area’s Video Park event. Riders could go through it and ride a rail coming out the other side. Ramps were also built so riders could jump onto the trailer’s roof and then acid drop onto the rail.


Scott McCune and his crew from Nordic Mountain, Wisc., built this 19-stair set with two down rails (one flat stock and one round bar) called the Element Mobile Illuminate Stair Case, which was donated by Element Mobile. The feature was lit up every night for skiers and riders.


Thredbo, Australia, created the Thredbo Toyota One Hit Wonder—a 95-foot table-top-style jump with a 65-foot step-over jump to the left of the main jump that riders can use to transfer to the big jump’s landing. On the right-hand side of the main jump was a wedge-to-wedge-style snow wall ride with a quarterpipe in between.


Brighton Resort in Utah built this mega butter knife for its annual Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam event. This season, the area plans to build a giant jar of jam and a loaf of bread.


June Mountain, Calif., serves up an 18-foot satellite dish. The crew found the dish at a nearby scrap yard and installed it in the park. It has been one of the park’s most popular features. The dish is fiberglass, so it wears quickly on the rim, but as the cable companies change out satellite dishes in the Eastern Sierra, the crew at June Mountain happily collect more.


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