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Ali LevyTips By Merchandising Guru Ali Levy,

Some of you are well aware that I am a huge fan of Anthropologie stores and the visual merchandising wizardry at work in their stores and on display in their brilliantly composed storefront windows. I found this interesting when I saw these painted wood furniture pieces hanging in a Chicago Anthropologie store last month.  Rewind to March 2011 – I recalled a photo I took of a NYC Anthropologie window (and subsequently used as an example of how to repurpose almost anything to grab shopper’s attention for a seminar on visual merchandising).  It’s the same premise – just utilized in a new format – something worth thinking about if a project like dismantling and painting furniture parts (or anything for that matter) seems like a daunting task.  Once you have created something special for a window display, you can re-use it again and again – just in a completely different fashion.

Some new paint, materials, a glue gun or heavy grade fishing line, can give old displays new life!


NYC Anthropologie store – March 2011


Chicago Anthropologie store – June 2013


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