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November 2, 2012








“Nordic Skiing is my job, and an athlete is who I am down to my core. I am thankful for every race and training opportunity, and having the chance to share and inspire others. I’m excited to continue this career in the hope of standing on the Olympic Podium with my teammates, and I believe with all my heart that this goal is attainable.” – Jessie Diggins.

The 2011/2012 season was a tremendous breakthrough for her, as she started her season racing in the U.S. on the SuperTour and NorAm circuit, and won 9 out of 11 races, then swept Nationals and won the U.S. title in all four races. After flying across the pond in January to compete the rest of the season on the World Cup, Jessie sJessie Digginscored points for the U.S. (placed in the top-30) in 10 races, and placed in the top-10 in 5. Her best finishes included Silver Medal in the skate team sprint in Italy with Kikkan Randall; qualifying first in the Moscow skate sprint then placing 6th in the heats; and finishing 5th in a 10km skate in Rybinsk, Russia. Jessie was the youngest female skier to qualify for the World Cup finals, where she placed 15th overall and ended the season making the distance red group (top-30 in the world) and was ranked 34th in the overall World Cup points. But the best part of her season was being part of such a strong women’s team that made history numerous times; first team sprint podiums, first team sprint podium with Canada on the steps as well, and first top-5 in a relay. The success of the season led to Jessie Diggins’ nomination to the USST’s A-team this spring, and left her fired up to train hard and contribute as much as she possibly can to team USA in the upcoming season!

“I think Nordic Skiing in the U.S. has been getting better and better and I see us being serious medal threats in the next Olympics”, said Jessie. “We had a number of historic finishes last season and the whole team has been training hard all summer and looking really strong!”

Q&A – Snapshot with Jessie Diggins

  1. The area I learned to ski at was Willow River State Park when I was 2 years old
  2. I can’t live without: A little adrenaline now and then!
  3. My favorite cuisine is: Anything not too spicy
  4. When I’m not Nordic skiing, you can find me: Reading, cooking with my teammates, exploring whatever town I’m in at the moment
  5. My favorite movie of all time is without question: Oh, that’s hard…I love feel-good movies like Miracle on Ice
  6. Who/What inspires you? My teammates and coaches; we all are working towards the same goals as a team and we’ve always got each other’s back!
  7. Who are your sponsors? Salomon – skis, boots, bindings. Other Sponsors: One Way poles, Rudy Project glasses/helmet, and headgear sponsor is Slumberland Furniture.
  8. Favorite:
    a. Bands:
    Lady Gaga, the Lumineers, Robyn, Maroon 5
    b. Books:
    The Help, Angels and Demons, the Golden Compass
    c. Vacation Spots:
    Anywhere with a beach and huge waves!
  9. Last words/inspiration to youth: “Cross Country Skiing is a lifetime sport that is super fun. You can play games on skis, go as fast as you’d like, hit jumps, go uphill, across flats and down hills. There are no limits!”