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SIA Rookie Reports: Bro’d To SIA Winner Josh Johnson


By: Mike Lewis, TransWorld Business
February 14, 2013

For this winter’s Snow Show, TransWorld Business teamed up with SIA to offer one lucky shop kid who’d never been to the trade show an all-expenses trip to Denver to help foster and grow the industry’s next generation. After reading hundreds of applications to the Bro’d To SIA contest, The Youth Shelter Supply‘s Josh Johnson was picked, bags were packed, and the journey was on.
We caught up with Johnson after the show for his impressions on the madness, next year’s lines, and how attending will help him in his role.

What was your overall impression of the show? Did it live up to the stories?
My impression of the show was amazing. I had a good time meeting a lot of new people, and just checking out the new product. It was somewhat like I thought it was going to be, but I really didn’t think there was going to be nearly as many people at the show. It definitely lived up to other peoples’ stories. I had a blast and it wasn’t bad leaving with a backpack full of free stuff!
What were some of the highlights of the show?
Probably some of the coolest moments were just meeting so many people that I looked up to as a kid. Like at the Howl booth, Darrell Mathis was showing us the line, and I grew up watching his video parts.
Top five new lines you saw:
My favorite new lines were:
1. Capita
2. Union
3. Stepchild
4. Gnarly
5. Ashbury
Top five new products:
My favorite new products were:
1. Volcom “handrails and shit” jacket line
2. Howl “Jed Anderson” mitten
3. Signal/ Leatherman Tool
4. Bozwreck “Keegan” promodel
5. Academy “Propacamba” snowboard
How has attending the show changed your perspective on the industry?
It really didn’t change my perspective, it just made me want to be apart of it even more.
How will it help you you at the shop going forward?
By going to the show, I pretty much saw all the lines that we are going to carry in the store, and even a few others. I now have a better understanding of the products and there features. It was also cool, because I got to help pick out some products to bring into the store.
Final thoughts?
I was super stoked to be able to attend the show for my first time. It was awesome to meet everyone that I did, and I hope that I will be able to make it back in years to come. Once again, a big thanks to TransWorld Business and SIA for  the trip and the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the snow industry.