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SIA Snow Show Focuses on Quality vs. Quantity of Attendees


September 26, 2013

SnowSports Industries America puts on the largest show in its market sector every year, SIA Snow Show, but instead of focusing on getting as many people to the show as possible, they put their energies instead into ensuring that the people who are there have the most buying power.

“In our industry and other industries there is consolidation at the supplier and retailer level,” said SIA President David Ingemie.

For example, he added, if a company like Sport Chalet buys up another smaller company, there are now fewer people who are going to attend the show. Even so, Ingemie said, that doesn’t dilute the actual buying power of those who do attend.

In other words, numbers aren’t everything.

“Our goal is not to just play fuzzy wuzzy,” Ingemie said. “I have people there who try to audit very closely who comes and who doesn’t come.”

He added that the show works with exhibitors to identify who they want to see at the show.

“Are we perfect? Gosh no,” Ingemie said, adding that they work hand-in-hand with the board, made up of market leaders in each category, to constantly analyze attendance.

He added that they work on a personalized program and do not pay for anyone to come to the show. “We’ve always wanted the right people at the show,” Ingemie said.

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