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Genisys Software, Inc.Ray G. BonestrooTom Davis, SIA’s Supporting Member Sales and Marketing Manager, was able to catch up with Ray G. Bonestroo, President of Genisys Software, Inc., to learn more about the company and how they work with snow sports companies.

SIA: Tell us a little about your company
RB: Genisys Software has been developing software for a variety of rental industries. We started out with a package for video rental stores in 1986, followed by a fairly generic rental software package in 1989 that can be used by almost any kind of rental company. When we added a customer in 1992 that had an equipment rental shop, a party rental company and a ski rental business; we started to modify that software to fit the ski rental business. After working on this for a while the decision was made to split that software into its own product (called AlphaSPORTS) so that it could be modified for the unique needs of this industry.

We then went on to provide it to some larger resorts (such as Mammoth Mountain, who at the time had 120 workstations in 10 locations throughout the mountain, and Sun Valley who used it in 3 locations within their resort). Today, it is still in use by companies such as Gorsuch in Colorado (6 locations with over 40 workstations). It was recently licensed to a company with 24 locations that will use it to rent skis, snowboards, boots, bikes, camping and other gear. We are still in the implementation process with them and we are also working with some larger bike rental companies.

SIA: What service do you provide to the snow sports Industry?
RB: Our software for the snow sports industry was created in 1992 and has been in constant development since then. We provide all of the software necessary to run a typical rental shop: reservations (both over the phone or via the web), rentals, Point of Sale, parts, service, maintenance tracking, even scheduling of deliveries and pickups. Our customers rent all types of inventory in both winter and summer months. In recent years we have redeveloped our software to be all graphical and able to be used in a touch screen environment if desired.

Our customer entry station/kiosk can also be translated to up to 4 languages which helps if your walk-in client base is potentially from other countries. We have designed the software so the customer does most of the work prior to ever getting to a technician station or a cashier station, and at both of those workstations the process is entirely touch based or bar code driven so is not only extremely easy to use, but also very fast and easy to learn. Genisys normally provides everything needed to run our software, from the fileserver to the point of sale devices like driver’s license scanners, signature capture units, receipt printers, cash drawers, bar code printers, onsite training and help with setup, and then help desk services. We also provide updates to the software annually and install the updates, and administer the fileserver so that the shop doesn’t need an IT person.

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