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SIA Visits Wolf Trap National Park In Honor of Earth Day


By: Lindsey Auer
April 30, 2012

To celebrate Earth Day, SIA volunteered at Wolf Trap National Park in Virginia last Friday, April 27th. After several days of cold weather, we lucked out with a beautiful morning, perfect for gardening to help create the new Native Garden designed to prevent pollution from entering the local waterways. In doing so, the Native Garden will create a beautiful wildlife habitat for many butterflies, birds and bees to frequent. The soil was prepared with organic matter that will allow the perennials that we planted to last up to 40 years.

Some of the plants that we planted in the Native Garden include: big bluestem, Virginia wildrye, little bluestem, Indiangrass and more.

Wolf Trap is the only National Park dedicated to the arts. Since 1916, Wolf Trap National Park has worked to help revitalize our community with the help of tribes, local governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals.

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