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Ski Art – the Snow Sports Recycling Program Ski Arch


By: Elizabeth Hurst, SIA Communications & PR Manager
April 29, 2014


Drawing of arch during planning

At the entrance of the 2014 SIA Snow Show, the new Snow Sports Recycling Program (SSRP) art installation was like a 16-foot cyclone of skis forming a perfect archway. Condit head designer Keita Usuda worked with hundreds of skis collected through the SSRP help Snow Show attendees visualize the impact of SSRP on the industry.


Arch in progress

“The objective was to communicate and deliver the SSRP story and their mission in a dynamic way while being extremely eco and cost-sensitive,” said Usuda. “The idea was to catch the visitor’s eyes with something that was very interesting to look at.”

Designed to inspire movement around the display, attendees walking through the arch could read about SSRP on the communication wall that ran through the center of it.Usuda said, “The design of both components is inspired by the movement and raw energy associated with snow sports. It tells the simple story of the discarded skis rising from the pile to form an arch, moving through the air and diving back down to be reborn as something new and different.”

The ski arch took about a month to build, after the sketching, 3D renderings and a physical 3D model were created in preparation. Condit then welded the three-piece frame that the hundreds of skis would be attached to. It was built with set up, tear down, transport and storage in mind, so expect to see this snow sports art at the Snow Show for years to come.


Finished arch