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Snow Secrets Revealed by World Ski Areas for 2013 Thanks to 2012 “Snowdance Phenomena” and UN’s Rio +20


By Olympic Skier Suzy “Chaptick” Chaffee

   ©Carolyn O’Connor/Sierra Sun

The World’s First Snowdance (cross-cultural) in Lake Tahoe (CA) that saved the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics, was led by the Reno Sparks Indian Colony. After their descendents were honored at the Olympic Heritage event this January 15, they were inspired to perform a snowdance that saved Tahoe and Mammoth’s drought with five feet of snow. Heavenly and Mammoth’s Native Ski programs also helped.

According to ABC, 2012 was the driest U.S. winter in 130 years. It could have been a catastrophe but for the Snowdance Phenomena that swept the West, led by Native American Elders united with mountain communities. Thanks to coverage by the Wall Street Journal, front page Washington Post, AP and local TV, it helped many more experience that Mother Earth is a sensitive, compassionate being, which was officially recognized by the UN’s 192 countries in 2009 through its International Mother Earth Day on April 22.

Since world scientists expect more droughts, the UN’s Sustainability Division encouraged our Native American Olympic Team Foundation to spread this Snowdance story to inspire communities worldwide to live in more harmony with Nature.  Thanks to SIA President, David Ingemie connecting us to ski leaders globally, resorts across the U.S., Canada, South America, New Zealand, China, and Europe, especially Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Russia, we’re glad to share their spiritual and practical snow secrets for the greater good. In so doing we were surprised to learn that Utah and Vancouver were not the only Games saved by North American tribes, the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics was first. We also learned why Sochi Russia likely won’t need a snowdance.

This 50 year partnership between Native American Elders and ski areas has also become a model for June’s pivotal RIO+20 Earth Summit, since the consensus of UN’s “Harmony with Nature” Interactive Dialogue connected with the International Mother Earth day was: Science united with Ancient Wisdom is key to regenerating Mother Earth.

Then adding the breakthroughs of May’s NSAA “Golden Eagle Eco Award winners:” Maine’s Mt Abrams, Washington’s Steven’s Pass and Aspen – all tribal connected – we are presenting the best solutions of the Snow Sports World, along with the Elders’ recommendations for RIO+20 to consider and with the grace of God act on with a timetable. What they do or don’t do at this June 20-22 Earth Summit will affect the longevity of snow sports since our planet is transitioning to a warmer climate.

See why the Indigenous Elders of many countries say it is more important than ever to take a moment to thank Mother Earth for the snow blessings NOW, since the snow melt is critical for our water and food supply and fire prevention, and for lovingly nurturing us for eons, despite the horrific mistakes we have made here at Earth School.

This year the tribes say Mother Earth is uniquely cleaning house, so it is critical to boldly act NOW. Bless the tribal Elders, shamen, mystics, and young geniuses, and as you will see, billions of you, especially on Mother Earth’s Day, for helping transform 2012, “this Mother of All Years,” into a radiant new era.

While our “Snowdance Phenomena” documentary will air soon on US and world TV, thanks to glowing feedback by ski area owners like Ellen Purcell of Portillo Chile, on our pictorial script and research, here it is in print via this PDF: UNThankYouMotherEarthSnowdancePhenom You may also find a 30 second youtube documentation of Vail’s snowdance phenomena HERE.

Together we are helping our beloved Snow Sports go on!