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Sometimes Bad Conditions Are a Blessing!


By: Ed Wray @EdAWray
Eastern Sales and Marketing Manager

December 21, 2011

Today was an amazing day at Loon.  Not for the conditions, they were far from great… in fact it was pretty bad.  Still, it was better than yesterday’s ice rink.  After a few runs, Connor suggested we take out a bi-ski for a lesson.

Some of you may remember that my oldest son Connor not too long ago had a hip disease that required he be on crutches for almost 3 years.  During this time he was a student at New England Disabled Sports.  Every weekend he would go out on the hill with a group of teenage coaches in his bi-ski.

Here we are a few years later and he’s now back skiing and snowboarding on regular equipment.  He’s also now a coach in the same program that taught him.  All of this is a very amazing story in itself.

Today he did the most incredible thing.  He taught me how to bi-ski.  As a father I have taught my boys many things, how to walk, ride a bike, skiing, snowboarding, soccer swimming, the list goes on and on. Today he returned the favor.  The patience and calmness he showed blew me away it something far beyond his 15 years.  He started right at the beginning never rushing me and step by step I was linking turns.  Then we moved up the mountain nothing big but enough to really link turns.  I made it the whole way down, no crashes smiling from ear to ear.

Having been around the disabled skiers at Loon for many years I really appreciate their dedication and attitude that nothing can hold them back.  Their athleticism is truly special.  Today I saw things from their perspective.  I will never forget today.