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Spring Awakening: Display ideas from DIY to do it for cheap!


By: Ali Levy
March 20, 2014

Ali LevyTips from merchandising guru, Ali Levy,

March 20, 2014 marks the official start of spring. And in the spirit of the vernal equinox, its time to dust off your winter weary merchandiser’s cap and refresh your store’s look. This includes a thorough spring-cleaning. Toss winter POP that is no longer relevant as spring arrivals start to show up. Clean out dead flies etc. from your window displays. Wipe the cobwebs from corners, replace light bulbs and steam clean that floor that has seen dirty foot traffic all winter.

I love displays that are creative and executed on a dime while making use of everyday items that find new life as part of a cool window display. The following are some great new finds from a recent trip to NYC. And while the city was hit by not one but two record snowstorms, the warmth and promise of spring were never far away.

Up, Up and away…

A hot air balloon is a clever way to celebrate warm weather. Coffee cans act as the basket. If you don’t have the time or creative chops to craft balloons, try using kites.

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