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Suzy Chaffee Explains National Snow Gratitude Ceremonies


By on Sun, 21 Apr 2013

Roland McCook, former N. Ute Chairman

Photo Credit: SAKHI ZACK

ARTICLE: The National Ski Areas Association’s NRDC study said that Colorado and Utah would be losing its snow by the end of the century unless there is an intervention – the East likely earlier. Fortunately, a consensus of the UN’s 192 countries in 2012 identified the key to regenerating Earth: a combination of science/green energy and Ancient Wisdom, especially through the tribes.

Since the Ancient Wisdom part of the intervention is affordable for any ski area, (family or community) our Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF) helped launch a series of Gratitude Snowdances across America with a handful of trendsetters who wanted to join the bandwagon to help ensure their grandchildren can still enjoy our beloved snow sports.

Thanks to those U.N. countries recognizing in 2009 that Mother Earth is a phenomenally wise, compassionate, sensitive being, and thanks to tribal Elders leading these ceremonies, a lot more people understand that She responds even more generously than people when we give Her appreciation. The intervention tour is lighting the way of how everyone can make a difference in turning around 2012’s worst U.S. drought and warmest temperatures in history by simply saying “Thank you Mother Earth when it snows or rains.”  The tribes remind us that we all have earth-honoring ancestors and how we can extend snow for the kids.

Gratitude Snowdance in Aspen

Photo Credit: Deanne Kessler

PHOTO CAPTION (top of page, and above): Roland McCook, former N. Ute Chairman and Utah Olympic host, led stunning Gratitude Snowdance in Aspen that was part of over eight across the U.S. in April that are helping protect Colorado and other states from 2012’s worst drought and fires in history. Many ski areas are still open.

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