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Teddy helps man propose to girlfriend at Nats opening day


By: Washington Post
April 3, 2013

A few weeks ago, Tommy Davis was talking with his mom about how best to carry off a marriage proposal.

Davis had long assured his girlfriend, Alexandra Baird, that when he finally proposed, it would be a private affair. The couple had enjoyed a considerable amount of climbing and hiking during their five years together, and so Davis planned to present her with a ring in some secluded bit of nature, with random critters the only witnesses.

“I think it’s just gonna be us two,” Davis told his mother. “I think there’s absolutely no way to surprise her at this point.”

Fair enough. Then Davis’s mom suggested one way to inject surprise: pop the question during Nats’ opening day, which also happened to be Baird’s 28th birthday, which also happened to be April Fool’s Day. This seemed promising.

So Davis called Baird’s Radford sorority sister, Heather, who also happens to be Ryan Zimmerman’s wife. After some brainstorming, she put him in touch with the team’s game entertainment people, who in turn put him in touch with the mascot handling crew.

And by Monday morning, it was settled: Teddy Roosevelt — the lovable loser with a head the size of a boulder — would help young Tommy put a ring on it. As they say.

Zimmerman’s wife provided stellar seats in the family section. The mascot crew promised they’d swing by in the second inning. And so naturally, the couple got slammed in horrific traffic coming from Northern Virginia, missing Bryce Harper’s electrifying first-inning home run and flirting with their second-inning deadline. As they walked to their seats, Davis spotted Teddy and his handler already perched near the top of his section; he snuck away and asked them for a bit of time to get settled.

Did she say yes?