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The Art of Skiing & Snowboarding: Stick out on the slopes with these graphically sophisticaled designs


Head Carlos --

We know how superficial it sounds to choose skis or a snowboard based on looks, but come on, we all do it. It’s no different than wanting a car in red instead of silver. Like automobiles, skis and snowboards are all about getting us from point A to point B, and isn’t it better to do so in style?

The trouble is, if you want nonboring skis it’s very easy to end up looking like a skate rat: Ridiculously loud graphics. Ironic slogans. Colors as bright as traffic cones. Are you at Sun Valley or the X Games? And then there are all of those adult-centric skis that are so plain Jane they might as well be rentals.

Yes Optimistic --

There are, however, skis and snowboards that don’t scream out a juvenile kind of distaste for authority. We’ve gathered a few here. They are elegantly nonconformist. Strap into one and you’ll be bucking the trend not with loudness, but with impeccable taste.

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