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The Most Innovative Ski Gear of the Season


By: Wall Street Journal
November 4, 2013

Skis, boots, poles, goggles and other equipment for downhill-ers of all levels

1. More Efficient Skis

DPS Lotus 138 Pure3
The tips of the skis in DPS’s Pure3 line have a subtle curve along the edges—a tweak designed to make plowing through powder nearly effortless by preventing the tip from catching on unpacked snow. The result: Less loss of speed in your turns—and less energy expended. The fat Lotus 138 Pure3 model shown here is ideal for surfing powder; go with the skinnier Lotus 120 Pure3 if you plan on hitting groomed slopes, too. $1,299,

2. Sleeker Action Cam

Zeal HD Camera Goggle
If you’re looking for the most low-profile and convenient way to capture your downhill ascent in wide-angle, high-def video, look no further than these spherical-lens goggles. They’re the only model that so discreetly integrates a video camera right into the lens. A small LCD screen (look down and right when wearing the goggles) gives you the option of displaying a live view and instant playback, as well as the reading from an embedded temperature sensor. $399,

3. More Breathable Jacket

Mammut Biwak Light
This versatile mid-layer jacket traps heat using Polartec Alpha—a synthetic fiber just trickling down from military to civilian use this season. Because Alpha is a woven material that maintains its shape, it can be paired with super-light outer layers (in this case, a Pertex Quantum shell) that allow for better airflow than previously possible. Bottom line: Warmth while you’re standing in line waiting for the chairlift, without overheating as you’re working your way down the slopes—and no overstuffed-snowman look. Mammut’s Eigerjoch Light jacket has the same features as the one shown here, but is styled for men. $300,