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TransWorld Snow Conference: The Impact Of Parks & Sales And Participation Analysis


By: Mike Lewis
TransWorld Business
April 27, 2012

The 2012 TransWorld Snow Conference‘s second day kicked off with a panel on the impacts of parks on participation and progression, followed by analysis of the season’s sales and participation data from SIA Director of Research Kelly Davis.

Below are portions of the presentations and more info on the talks. To see more coverage of the TransWorld Snow Conference, check out our wrap-up photos right here.

Sales, Fails, and Silver Linings: The State of the Industry

Kelly Davis, Director of Research, SIA

The day’s meetings got under way with a presentation by SIA Director of Research Kelly Davis, who began with a focus on the grim sales numbers from the season, following with the silver linings including increased frequency of core participants, growth in women riders, new young shreds on the slopes, and the growing diversity in the park.

Davis also highlighted the “Urban Woodsman” trend, think full beard and flannel, which was not only prevalent at the meeting, but has apparently taken hold in urban areas amongst former members of a metrosexual ilk. Axe sales (for cutting trees, not the body spray) are up 30%, and Tribeca even boasts a custom axe shop. Davis’s advice? Either move away from these co-opters and the trend or make ‘em pay to look like us!

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