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Webinar: Understanding Retail Sales Trends in 2011


Join SIA and Leisure Trends for a FREE Webinar on March 17, 1P – 2P (MST) as Scott Jaeger, Senior Retail Analyst at Leisure Trends presents Industry overviews for the Outdoor, Running and Snow Sport industries.  Scott will then dig deep into Outdoor RetailTRAK™ to isolate key category, regional, retail price, margin and inventory trends that give important insight into what you can expect and where you can capitalize in 2011.

In this year of rapidly escalating production and transportation costs, Leisure Trends Group is hyper aware of price elasticity concerns. Scott will closely examine rising retail prices, wholesale costs and retail margins across several categories. He will then take that behavior at retail and overlay it with findings from LTG’s most recent Most Active Americans Panel™ poll where active Americans were asked several questions regarding price sensitivity and how rising prices might affect buying behavior on sports, recreation and recreation products.

Click here to register for the webinar. Space is limited.

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