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Webinar Wednesdays Bring You Monthly Opportunities for Business Growth and Education


April 28, 2014

As part of the growing education program and the launch of, SIA is pleased to offer a lineup of monthly webinars. Along with C1 Partners, please join us for a fast-paced hour of enrichment and discussion. The first Wednesday of each month will focus on a specific topic related to digital marketing/social media.C1 Partners

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the May Webinar, Linkbuilding/Offsite SEO – Search engines place a lot of value on what other sites think of a business’ website. In order to help a business rank highly with search engines, the company must understand how to effectively develop links back to their site. Attendees will understand how to develop a strategy which will creates effective links back to their site.

Wednesday, May 7th @ 2pm EST

And if you missed it last month, be sure to download the April 2 Webinar: Blogging For Small Business