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Why Women Buy: Oakley Steps Up Its Female Focus


By: TransWorld Business
April 25, 2012

Women account for 80% of America’s purchasing power. More and more females are dominating their male counterparts when it comes to getting a college and post-graduate education, and many are taking their spot next to men in high ranking executive positions, becoming the bread winners and, more often than not, becoming completely financially independent. It only makes sense then, for companies to begin tapping even further into the power of women shoppers by identifying and catering to what female consumers are really looking for.

At a day exclusively dedicated to women at Oakley Headquarters earlier this month, SVP of Global Business Units Joseé Perreault summed up the company’s recent efforts succinctly: “It’s time to embrace that we have great women’s product and tell the world—it starts with that. Oakley Women’s is 10% of our total business. There’s a lot of low hanging fruit and a lot of opportunity to close the gap.”

As part of an ongoing initiative that the company has been building upon since launching its female exclusive sunglass collections and apparel back in 2005, Oakley is stepping up its women’s category retail education and marketing efforts to the next level for 2012-13, according to Perreault. Expanding on its Perform Beautifully campaign, Oakley will launch its new “Beyond Reason” mantra in Q3, featuring the likes of team athletes Gretchen Bleiler as well as Olympic track and field star Lori “Lolo” Jones. An Oakley team led by Perreault will also set out next month on a six month tour across six major US cities such as Dallas, Denver, Chicago, and New York, where the brand already has a firm stake planted in the women’s market, in order to hold retail education training seminars and events that will test which marketing and sales promotions are successful so that the brand can then implement them across their stores worldwide.

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