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Wired’s Favorite Ski Gear From the CES of Snow Sports


By: Wired
February 18, 2013

The SIA Snow Show is the CES for people who play in the snow; it’s the place to see the latest gear, from featherweight boots to ultra-breathable insulated jackets and tiny two-way radios that will let people find you when it all goes bad.

We found ourselves constantly fighting the urge to walk off with one lustworthy bit of kit after another while wandering past more than 900 exhibitors when the show hit Denver last week.

Here are six of the coolest products that have us eating Ramen to save the money we’ll need to buy them when the next ski season starts.

Giro Combyn

Most helmets are done after one brain-rattling hit. Hit your noggin trying to nail that 1080 in the half-pipe and you’re throwing your helmet away once you’ve recovered from the concussion.

The Giro Combyn may change that. Giro won’t go as far to say you’ll never have to replace your brain bucket, but it claims the Combyn passes the industry standard impact test again, again and again.

The patented impact-absorbing soft foam liner features vinyl nitrile. That means it has more “give” than conventional helmets, which means it shouldn’t deteriorate even after taking a few hits. The vinyl nitrile foam is paired with a softshell outer layer originally developed for hockey and football, where multiple impacts are the norm.

$120. Available in August.