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By: Ali Levy
September 28

Merchandising ideas from the home improvement store
Tips from merchandising guru, Ali Levy,
Fixtures and window display ideas from places that sell plumbing hardware, paint and garden fencing isn’t as far-fetched of an idea as one would think. In my endless search for merchandising inspiration, I strive to find accessible, affordable and sensible sources from unexpected places that I can share with friends and colleagues. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s are chock full of merchandising ideas – you just have to look beyond the insulation and dishwashers to see the forest for the trees.

I took a trip to those very stores a few weeks back to uncover products that could easily work to solve some common display concerns. Some of the photos pictured below are from previous Newsletters or Merchandising Monday tips. I repeat them only to emphasize how effortlessly a display can be recreated in your store, on practically a dime, and in no time.

This is from Madewell in NYC. I love the organic and natural look. It’s simple yet can be interpreted according to your display whims. I like what they did with the spools of thread and large glass jars filled with buttons that tie into the “Jeans Makers” sign.

Found at Home Depot. Sawhorses for next to nothing. Add shelves (or old skis or snowboards) and you have a great way to display a multitude of items.

This has been crafted from pieces of pipe and rope. I love the design, functionality and construction of this window display.


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