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SIA Releases the Second Version of the Backcountry Retail Kit


SIA Backcountry Retail KitWith more than 5 million skiers and riders exploring backcountry, the future growth of this category is being built by today’s alpine and snowboard shops. SIA first published the Backcountry Retail Kit in 2012 from a directive of the Backcountry Committee. Just released is the second version with updates stats and education about the backcountry market. Download Here.

Backcountry Experience“Backcountry is a solid growth opportunity for our industry.” – Mike Hattrup Director K2 Backside

Stay tuned for more details about the Backcountry Experience exhibit, in partnership with AIRE, at the Snow Show. Learn more on our Curated View of Backcountry to get you prepped for the season.