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SIA’s Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project to Provide New Alpine and Snowboard Consumer Insights


This summer the entire industry is ramping up for another season and anticipating the needs of millions of consumers. The perennial question on everyone’s mind though is “Do I really know my consumer?”

There is a lot that industry doesn’t know about alpine and snowboard consumers today, which is why SIA is spearheading the Downhill Consumer Intelligence Project (DCIP) in collaboration with more than 20 research and non-profit organizations. DCIP is the first research effort in a decade focused on developing a comprehensive and current understanding of alpine and snowboard consumers that will guide strategies and tactics to grow snow sports participation.

“The purpose of DCIP is to get an accurate, in-depth understanding of our current and former customers, as well as, the best prospects for future customers and what would attract them,” said Kelly Davis, SIA’s director of research.

DCIP will draw from past and upcoming research collected by SIA and more than 20 other organizations including National Ski Areas Association (NSAA).

“Whether you’re a resort or a supplier, what we get from the DCIP will inform your efforts to target your fair share of future market growth,” said Nate Fristoe, managing director at RRC Associates, the group that manages NSAA’s research. “Throughout this process, we have found and will continue to find meaningful insights into how best to craft future product offerings so as to be maximally aligned with future demand.”

Already underway is Phase 1, to be released September 9, which summarizes the industry’s current understanding of alpine and snowboard markets and consumers.

Davis said, “The work we have done to date indicates that we have many opportunities to grow snowboarding and downhill skiing participant bases, but many barriers to growth exist. Thirty percent of alpine and snowboard participants weren’t born the last time a study of this magnitude was conducted, so we have a lot to learn.”

Phase 2 and Phase 3 will involve researching consumer types, on-hill interviews and developing a strategic downhill participation plan.

“SIA is a group of member companies, but what we really are is a group of people who work each day to share our passion for snowboarding, skiing and all winter sports with millions of people around the world,” said Brad Steward, global VP digital marketing, Amer Sports and one of the SIA Snowboard Committee members that advocated for the DCIP. “Question is, what do we really know about those people we serve and how can we provoke them to engage in our sports? The DCIP is the essential piece in understanding where the sport is going and how we make it easier to ride, ski and glide for generations to come”.

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