Additional Brand Listings

Brand Listing Exposure with SIA

Increase your exposure by promoting ALL your brands in all SIA print & digital applications and events*.

Question:  Why might you need this?


  • Fact: Your company is listed in all SIA materials ONLY by the official SIA Membership Name that you gave us. This works fine for over 75% of SIA Members where their Membership Name is their brand’s name.  In this case you don’t need an ABL.
  • Problem: Your company may sell or distribute more than one brand that doesn’t match your SIA Membership Name.
    • This creates problems when buyers are trying to find or contact you at the trade show or during the year.
  • Solution: You can choose to buy an additional SIA Membership for your “additional brand”.  There may be several advantages to this, but it may be more cost effective to simply purchase an Additional Brand Listing(ABL).
  • Over ¾ of the nearly 100 SIA Member brands with more than one brand make the smart choice each year to buy an Additional Listing, or two.  It’s a smart move for both new and old/well-known brands alike.

Contact your regional sales and marketing manager or SIA’s Director of Member Services, Kyle Kennedy for details.

Your ABL will appear in the following locations.  We estimate there are over 1 million views of the following SIA publications and communications tools in a given year.

  • SIA Directory / Member Listings – accessed daily and year-round by consumers, buyers, media, exhibitors, reps and more
    • 57th Annual Edition of the Paper Directory
    • Live, online Membership Listing –
    • Digital, PDF version of annual Paper Directory
    • SIA Membership List on SIA mobile App
    • SnowSportsB2B listing online and on SIA mobile App – Supporting Members only
  • Snow Show Exhibitor
    • Alpha- Listing of Exhibitors
    • Within Floor plan Booth footprint *
    • Paper and Digital Versions
    • On-site large-scale printed Floor plans and You-Are-Here Signs
    • Curated Exhibitor lists such as new exhibitors or special Showcase participation
  • Snow Show Badges, upon request
  • Other Show or SIA related promotional events such as:
    • Backcountry Experience
    • Rental World – Backshop
    • Fashion Shows and product displays
    • Other programs to come

Your ABL is displayed with the following benefits:

  • Listed alongside other member names – referring people back to the “primary membership listing”
  • Logo Insert – where applicable
  • Bold Listing enhancement – where applicable in the SIA Member Directory and member lists.
  • Alternate web site address – if different from the URL of the primary membership

SIA Snow Sports Directory 2014

*Important Notes:

  1. The duration on the fulfillment of your order varies from season to season and cannot be guaranteed. In general, the earlier you sign-up the longer your benefits of this smart product will last. Price is not pro-rated based on sign-up date, unless otherwise noted.
  2. SIA invests substantial time and effort into completely and accurately listing many ABLs every year. There may be delays or small gaps in fulfillment times based on various issues including, technology conversions, Show partners publishing exhibitor lists, scheduled periodic list updates, orders taken during peak work-load times, etc. Partial or full refunds will not be issued after your fulfillment period begins.
  3. SIA cannot guarantee the format, placement, alignment or readability for any ABL text within a booth footprint on a printed or digital floor plan. SIA reserves the right to make adjustments or abbreviations to brand name wording in an effort to best present your information. For example, we can’t fit 50 characters of your member name and ABL name in a 10×10 booth and have it be legible.
  4. In some instances orders may be taken and fulfilled after stated deadlines. Some product benefits listed above may not be available if ordered after a certain date.

To order, download and return this order form.

To see examples of nearly 100 current additional listings, view SIA’s online and paper Directory page.