SIA Denver Warehouse

SIA Snow Show Warehouse Program

SIA Denver Warehouse
“We chose to store our crates in the SIA warehouse for the convenience and cost savings.  With everything else we have to worry about, it’s nice to know our crates will be at the booth on time, and itnever hurts to save on drayage and storage.”  Adam Garry, President | AFRC-Outdoor Gear, Inc.

Denver Warehouse

SIA’s Denver Warehouse is the year-round home for over 60 exhibitor booths, crates and Show supplies.  Any SIA exhibitor, large or small, can choose to store crated or palletized materials for a few months or longer between trade shows.

By joining together with other SIA exhibitors in this storage solution, your company can save time, money and hassle around the Snow Show and other trade shows where your brand exhibits.

Reasons to use the SIA Denver Warehouse:

  • 10% discount on Material Handling Package (drayage) for 2016 Show*
  • Guarantee of no $ penalty from GES for missing your targeted move-in day/time*
  • First-on-the-Floor crate placement means maximum possible set-up time and reduced OT labor fees
  • No Minimum Storage Weight
  • Great Rates, only pay for 11 months/year
  • Convenient payment options including additional discounts for pre-payment
  • Close to the Convention Center and easy year-round in/out access
  • Modern, safe, secure and climate-controlled building

If you look hard, you may be able to find a little better price, but no one else can offer some of the exclusive benefits that SIA can provide as we manage our own warehouse and pass the benefits and savings along to you.

Interested? Contact Dave, Ed, Reddy or Tom, your SIA Sales & Marketing Manager, with questions or to sign up.

Dave Wray
P 503-708-1947

Ed Wray
P 401-743-8089

Reddy Kennedy
P 303-579-7623

Tom Davis
P 703-506-4202

* Applies to crates stored in SIA Denver Warehouse only.  To be eligible, exhibitor’s crates/materials must be in the SIA Warehouse for at least 8 months prior to the Snow Show.