Transaction Resources Inc.

Transaction Resources Inc.


Transaction Resources Inc. offers SIA members a better way of managing credit card processing costs. TRI could save you up to 25% or more on your credit card processing costs.

What’s in a credit card merchant statement? Credit card merchant statements can be complex and very hard to interpret while often containing fees that can be avoided but only if you really understand all the “Additional Fees” part of the bill.

SIA has worked with TRI to offer a Card Payment Processing Program that can reduce costs to SIA participating members.


  1. TRI is offering SIA members as a group, a cost plus pricing model typically available only to very large merchants.
  2. TRI offers a no cost and no obligation comparative spreadsheet analysis of your current processing bill vs. the SIA-TRI offering along with consulting services to understand the differences.
  3. TRI can work with most of the credit card terminals and POS systems currently in use. New equipment is available, but in most cases existing systems can be reprogrammed and are compatible.
  4. TRI offers a web-based reporting system to view transaction detail and summary information at no extra charge.
  5. Customer support is available on a national basis 24/7 at no extra charge.

Enrolling in the program is easy. Call TRI toll-free at 888-494-9004 or email them at

Learn more about TRI at