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Supporting Member Spotlight: New Member Blue Acorn Looks Forward to Presenting at 2015 Snow Show

Blue AcornWe are always thrilled to welcome new members aboard here at SIA, and extra excited when they jump right in to the action, like Blue Acorn has. The eCommerce agency has committed to presenting two seminars at the 2015 SIA Snow Show, both of which promise to be of great interest to buyers and brands alike. We caught up with Blue Acorn’s Strategic Partner Manager, Justin Poole, to find out a little bit about their company and their plans for the Show.

Justin PooleSIA: First off, can you tell us a little bit about Blue Acorn and give us an overview of what your company does?

JP: Blue Acorn is an eCommerce agency that focuses exclusively on the design, development, and optimization of eCommerce sites for brands and retailers.  We have clients who came to us for a new site, others who needed help fixing and maintaining their current site, and some that already had an amazing site and still wanted it to provide a better experience for their customers.  Capturing the “brand” is extremely important, and we also like to use data to drive a lot of our decisions.  This ensures that our clients’ sites are generating as much revenue as possible, which is a pleasant byproduct of helping them give their site’s visitors the best experience possible.

SIA: Some of our members already use Blue Acorn and seem to have some great success stories with you. Can you tell us a highlight or two about your work with an SIA member, like SmartWool?

JP: SmartWool is and great brand and a perfect example of the third type of client I just mentioned.  They have amazing designers and already had a good-looking site when they came to us.  Over the years, we’ve handled their development needs in an effort to continuously refine the site for their customers.  My favorite refinement involved a simple change to the layout of their category pages, which some of us personally thought looked less attractive, but it resulted in a significant increase in revenue.  We actually ended up doing a case study on it, which you can find here.  Currently, we are working with them on their checkout page, which is always the most laborious part of the online shopping experience.

SIA: As for your seminars at the Show, we are really looking forward to them, and would like to highlight a few things for people to look forward to. The seminar “Enhancing Your B2B Sales Process Online: How to Give Retail Buyers the Consumer Experiencesounds super interesting. Can you give us an overview and let people know what they can expect?

JP: This will definitely be an exciting seminar for brands.  It should also appeal to retailers that also have a B2B or dealer network.  For quite some time now, companies have been focusing on giving their consumers the best online experience, the most attractive sites and the best features.  Meanwhile, their resellers either have to call orders in to their account manager or visit some clunky-looking online portal.  Some resellers still have to place orders with fax machines!  This is strange when you consider that resellers and B2B sales almost always make up the bulk of a brand’s annual revenue.  B2B online commerce is quickly catching on, and we’re excited to show off some sites that are intended for retail buyers, have features designed just for them, and look just as good as consumer-facing sites.

SIA: Can you also give a quick overview of your seminar, “Optimizing your Site for Commerce: How to Know Your Customers Better and Increase Your Revenue Per Visitor”?

JP: We use a number of different tools to help our clients better understand their customers’ preferences, and we’re excited to talk about how we use them.  Having a better understanding of what your customers like and how they prefer to shop is the basis of site optimization, also referred to as conversion optimization, which in the field of eCommerce means revenue optimization.  While it may sound aggressively capitalistic to want to get the most revenue out of your visitors, improving your revenue per visitor – or RPV – is an indicator that you are giving them a better experience.  We like to think of it as a win-win-win!

SIA: We’re really looking forward to having your company present at the Show – is there anything specific you’re looking forward to at Blue Acorn’s first Snow Show? 

JP: We’re really excited about – and proud to be a part of – Snow Show’s first Industry + Intelligence day.  I feel that the type of content and information and discussions that I’ve been told to expect is deserving of its own day.  This way, attendees don’t have to choose between being inspired by thought leaders or being amazed by product marketers.  There will be time for both.  On a personal note, I’m really looking forward to hitting up Tamayo – maybe more than once – and seeing what kinds of industry parties can be had in a city with as much potential for fun times as Denver.  I hope everyone feels free to drop off invites at our booth in the lobby of Industry + Intelligence Day.  Shameless. I know.

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