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Supporting Member Spotlight: NuOrder Provides Brands and Buyers With Online Platform to Connect and Streamline Buying Process

NuORDERNuOrder is an Online Platform for wholesalers, with both a web app and a mobile app that can help connect their brand with buyers, and streamline the buying process for retailers. Their services help brands and retailers buy and sell smarter with seamless 2-way ordering, increase business with brands’ existing retailers, and help retailers preview collections before the Show. We caught up with Owais Farooqi, NuOrder’s Marketing Director, to find out more about the services they provide.

Sales Directors Craig and Nelson relaxing on NuORDER office rooftop deck.SIA: How do NuOrder’s services work to benefit both brands and buyers?

OF: Brands can create an online portal location where they can upload photos and pricing. They can then invite retailers to visit the portal and browse their catalog, create orders, or create custom line sheets and look books.

SIA: How would this portal interface with a brand’s existing sales process?

OF: Brands can customize their NuOrder portal with their identity. You can manipulate and change things in your portal to bring out the look and feel of your brand.

SIA: What other features are helpful for brands and buyers?

OF: A big feature we think is helpful is our Marketplace. Brands and buyers can find each other; retailers can search through it, and brands can invite retailers to look at their portal from the Marketplace. We also have a media section where brands can upload releases and media coverage, and it’s searchable, so buyers can click on photos and find out what the garment is and get information about the brand. Last, we have a reporting feature which allows brands to look at what’s selling and make suggestions and invitations for buyers based on the information.

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