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sportlightSIA Supporting Member .SKI (dot-ski) is a new internet domain space dedicated and specially designed to help internet users find ski-specific online contents provided by the ski community. To find out more about this unique new service, we caught up with .SKI Co-Founder and North America President Rob Rozicki.

SIA: Rob, How will getting a .SKI web address benefit snow sports companies?

RR: These days it is tough to get a web address you really want for your business because all the good names are taken. .SKI will launch exclusively for the ski and snow sports community. Companies, brands and individuals will be able to register a unique “” identity that connects you with new and existing customers through a special web address.

dot-ski-logoSIA: You’ve said that .SKI will bring new opportunities to the snow sports community and help grow our industry. How will it accomplish that?

RR: By being one of the first snow sports community members to get your web address you’ll be able to access a global online community of snow sports participants 400 million strong and growing with a unique identifier. You can market your business, service, or product online with a catchy, short web address and create a unique internet identity and web presence that lets people easily understand who you are and what you do. You’ll increase traffic to your website from search engines and other sources, and you’ll instantly create trust with web visitors through relevant content.

SIA: How would the .SKI address coordinate or integrate with a company’s existing website?

RR:. As soon as your name is registered it will be ready to use for many things including setting up a new website with a web address ending in .SKI. You can use your new web address as your unique identity on the internet, but keep your existing website by redirecting visitors from to

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