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stop-yelling-headerSIA Supporting Member The Good helps brands grow lasting relationships with active lifestyle consumers through rewarding digital experiences on the web, on mobile and in stores. R. Jon MacDonald, The Good’s Founder, says he is on a mission to remove all bad experiences from the web until only the good remain.  We caught up with MacDonald to find out more about The Good, and to get some of his team’s “Good Insights”:

SIA: What are some of the best ways for snow sports brands and shops to grow lasting relationships with consumers through e-commerce?

JM: The Good logoThe key to providing a tailored experience is to display products and recommendations in a context that is relevant to the customer. We recommend clients improve site search by checking into top search terms and ensure they are returning relevant results and ensure the paths to the content that your consumer is looking for are as straightforward as possible. And e-commerce systems should remember prior purchases so that complementary product choices can be offered.

SIA: How can brands and shops integrate customers’ product experiences in and out of the store?

JM: Most retailers are extremely concerned about what is being called “showrooming”, and even more so when brands start listing products and selling via their brand website. While our research has shown time and again that the practice of showrooming is statistically less of a concern than retailers would believe, there are several ways to form a stronger partnership between brands and retailers.

Offering a “Buy Local Now” button on the brand site is a great place to start. According to a 2013 Google study, 40% of sporting goods customers who used a store locator to find a retailer went into the store and made a purchase. Armed with that information, what retailer wouldn’t want more product information and accessibility available to customers on a brand website?

SIA: What kind of e-commerce best practices would you suggest for snow sports brands?                            

JM: Our Research & Strategy team released a research report that includes over 20 pages of best practices. The overarching storyline throughout the report is that site performance can always be tested and tweaked, but real improvement starts by knowing where you want to go, and understanding how your customers want to get there.

Many issues with content and navigation can be addressed quickly with an immediate impact to both business and consumer. Conversion rates go up, sales go up, and calls to customer service go down. Success ultimately results from an alignment of business and customer goals. It may be a struggle to align the two at first, but the results are definitely worth the effort.