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The Colorado Convention Center Continues to Lead the Pack in Sustainability

Colorado Convention CenterAmong event venues throughout the country. the site of the SIA Snow Show leads the way in Green Practices. The Colorado Convention Center was the first event venue to acquire the ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meetings, Events, Trade Shows, and Conferences (E2774-11) designation.

It’s not surprising, then, that the Colorado Convention Center extends its sustainability practices to its attendees and exhibitors through education, information and the tools to help reduce waste.

One of the ways exhibitors at the SIA Snow Show can help in the sustainability efforts of the Colorado Convention Center is to only bring enough marketing materials to be used at the show.  However, if you do have a surplus of promotional materials or meeting supplies, these can potentially be donated to a local non-profit.   The donation of booth structures and décor will need to be approved by the Sustainability Manager, as not all booth structures are donatable, therefore may end up in the landfill at the conclusion of the SIA Snow Show.  The Colorado Convention Center collects the surplus of resources and distributes them to community organizations such as RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers) and Boulder Path.

ccc_recycle_042215Find out more about how our members can assist in sustainability efforts of the SIA Snow Show at the Colorado Convention Center.

Q: What can be recycled at Colorado Convention Center?

A: The CCC operates a single stream recycling program. This means that at each trash can, you will find a recycling bin. In this bin we accept: ALL paper, aluminum and tin, glass (all colors), and plastic containers with the numbers 1-6 on the bottom.

Q: How does the Colorado Convention Center donate leftover conference/meeting materials?

A: They have a Reclaim Room at the center of the CCC to help accommodate unused or unwanted exhibit and meeting materials that can be reused. If interested in donating materials, please consolidate into one location.  Contact the CCC Sustainable Program Manager at 303-68-1768 or contact SIA to let them know you would like to donate these materials and the pickup location.

Q: What materials are accepted in the Reclaim Room?

A: Common items for the Reclaim Room include: vinyl banners, water bottles, unbroken foam core, buyer bags, giveaways, and booth props. If you have questions about what can be donated please contact the CCC Sustainable Programs Manager at 303-681-1768 or ask SIA.

Q: Where do these materials go?

A: There are several outlets for these materials. Some of these include the following:

CCC’s Sustainable Programs Manager Lindsay Arell added, “We really try to encourage people to only bring what they need to their conferences.  The most sustainable action is to reduce the waste produced in the first place.  Also, it is sometimes very difficult to find organizations that can reuse booth elements.  Therefore I would rather encourage exhibitors to create a booth that can be used year after year, rent the booth materials, or contact me as soon as possible if they plan on donating their booth to allow adequate time to try and donate the materials.”

“The Colorado Convention Center is excited to partner with SIA for a more sustainable conference.  Together we are working to identify opportunities to reduce SIA’s environmental impact while still providing a great attendee experience.  We look forward to hosting SIA once again in 2016,” she added.

Click here for more information about the Colorado Convention Center’s sustainability efforts. To find out more about how you can reduce your impact at the Show by using the Reclaim Room, please contact Lindsay Arell, Sustainable Programs Manager at 303-681-1768 or Or contact SIA Trade Show Director Debbie DesRoches at