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Webinar Wednesdays Bring You Monthly Opportunities for Business Growth and Education

webinar_wedAs part of the growing education program and the launch of, SIA is pleased to offer a lineup of monthly webinars. Along with C1 Partners, please join us for a fast-paced hour of enrichment and discussion. The first Wednesday of each month will focus on a specific topic related to digital marketing/social media.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the April Webinar, Blogging For Small Business. Content creation is a key element in helping to rank a website, and in digital marketing companies want to educate their market, as well as position themselves as thought leaders to the target market.  The best way to meet these goals is through blogging consistently, and this session will help attendees understand how to use their target keywords to develop optimized blog posts.

Wednesday, April 2nd @ 2pm EST

Download the March presentation: Website optimization

SnowSportsB2B.orgTo see a full listing of Webinar Wednesdays, to download previous sessions, or for more information, click here. Questions? Contact Maggie Bittner at Call with any questions: 571-239-5984