SIA has partnered with Channel Mastery, a podcast from Verde Brand Communications designed to teach business owners how to excel across multiple platforms. The mission is to see our listeners not only achieve the growth they want, but also to maintain their success and resiliency in our world’s constantly changing retail landscapes. If you’re a business owner, especially in the outdoor industry, looking for the best way to connect, serve, and sell to today’s consumers, then these podcasts are what you need.

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The Evolving Role of Sales Reps in Consumer-Centric Strategies With Dana Caraway, Founder Caraway & Co.

For decades, the glue that held the outdoor and specialty markets together was the sales reps. Independent or in-house, sales representatives were the first point of contact, the primary relationship, and the most prominent link between brands and retailers. Here’s the thing: they still are.

Evolving the Brand to Retail Specialty Relationship with Erik Saltvold of Erik's Bikes, Board and Ski

How can retailers create a great product experience for consumers and a profitable experience for themselves?

Consolidation, Climate and Boomers: Facing the Future of Snowsports with Nick Sargent

People come to Nick Sargent with a lot of problems. While he would love it if more people also brought solutions (hint), it’s his job to find solutions. While this industry is all about fun from a consumer standpoint, it’s pretty amazing the level of complexity in the problems facing the industry. Just to name a few: climate change, changes in distribution, production cycles, and baby boomers aging out of skiing and riding. Let’s not forget rapid business consolidation and the fact that resorts are now the biggest players in retail.

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How Specialty Retail Can Own The Shopping Experience With Teddy Schiavoni

Teddy Schiavoni is a multi-hyphenate in the snowsports world. He’s a co-owner of Summit Ski and Snowboard Shop, and the president and founder of Slope Style Life, a consulting firm. He is currently chairman of the Retail Advisory Board for the Snowsports Industries of America (SIA)

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#77: Build & Leverage Community Around An Event Experience With Amy Charity Of SBT GRVL

Amy Charity has over 15 years in her corporate career and three years racing as a professional cyclist, and I feel she’s one of the only women who can offer her take on the unique and entertaining perspectives of working in corporate America and then suddenly signing off and...

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#76: Cause And Effect Channel Management With Bill Johannesen

Bill Johannesen is the founder of Vision Werks Consulting and a lifelong, specialty consumer analyst. He is an expert with MAP/UP retail price maintenance execution, Internet and channel management, and retail partnerships and new sales roles. Vision Werks uses data and market intelligence to generate customized, predictable revenue growth and...

#74: How Brands And Specialty Retailers Can Outplay Amazon At It’s Own Game…Really

Peter Kearns is my guest on this episode and also a panelist at the SIA/ORWM 2019 panel I’m moderating on “Managing the Digital Divide.” He’s been in e-commerce for a decade, both in and out of Amazon. If you’ll be at the show on January 29, please listen to...

#73: Bridging The Digital Divide, 2019

Paul and I discuss Sezzle as a new payment option for specialty brands intended to ease the friction of “buy now” and minimize levels of cart abandonment. Sezzle is purportedly a tool that could close the digital divide that we, as specialty businesses, are facing with today’s Amazon-trained consumer.

#72: Panel Preview: How Specialty Brands And Retailers Can Close The Digital Divide

Today’s episode of the Channel Mastery podcast is a solocast – short and sweet. It’s a preview of a panel I’m leading at the Snowsports Industries of America and Outdoor Retailer trade shows, taking place at the end of Jan., 2019.

#71: Tribalism And Omnichannel Brand Development With Stephan Drake, DPS Skis

Today’s episode is a short and sweet masters’ class in agility, tenacity and the power of passion behind a strategy. I speak with Stephan Drake, the founder and CEO of DPS Skis. We discuss the challenges and wins of putting the end consumer first for product, multichannel distribution and content.

#69: Deconstructing Today’s Paradigm Shift In Business With Margo Aaron

This is a downright motivating episode, and there’s nothing soft about it. It’s about getting results. If you’ve ever had the slightest sense of overwhelm about being remarkable to your omnichannel consumer, this episode is for you.

#68: Retail As Media With Anne Mezzenga

Today I welcome Anne Mezzenga to the Channel Mastery podcast. She is a retail savant, incisive analyst, and all-around brilliant businesswoman.

#66: How Amazon 3P Sellers Are Disrupting Specialty Retailers & Brands, Part 2 Of 2

Product offered as “Prime” on Amazon have a 250 percent higher conversion rate than those not listed as Prime. If a higher point of conversion exists in any capacity in any channel, I haven’t found it yet.

#65: How Amazon 3P Sellers Are Disrupting Specialty Retailers & Brands, Part 1

Today’s show is the first in a two-part series on the Channel Mastery podcast, presented by Verde Brand Communications, where we explore the impact Amazon third-party (3P) sellers have on the business of outdoor specialty retailers and brands. Thank you to, the sponsor of this special two-part series...

#64: Leveling The Tech And Data Playing Field For Independent Retailers

Today’s show is all about leveling the playing field for retailers. Every day there’s something new to add to your to-do list…and that’s on top of the full-time (+) job you already have. I keep hearing from retailers that you need “plug and play” tools. You don’t need to...

#62: The New Retail Concept In Action

People are doing a lot of talking about what the “new” retail experience is going to be. Ashley and Jeremy Dakan are building it. As owners of a 43-year old specialty retail institution in my hometown of Durango, Colorado, the Dakans are adding a second store to their portfolio....

#61: Using Clicks-To-Bricks Opportunities To Build Customer Relationships

This episode is part pep talk and 100% prep work. In this solocast, I provide tools and ideas that will not only get retailers dialed in for a kickass Q4, but will also transcend holiday in order to build long-term customer loyalty and conversion.

#60: Top Five Trends That Will Shape Retail In 2019, With Chris Walton

There is SO much in this episode, my head is still reeling. Luckily, it’s reeling with ideas. And I think yours will be, too, after listening to Chris Walton’s take on the top five trends that will shape retail in 2019.